Making portraits of animals has always been a passion of mine and above that

it feels as a natural calling to give them a voice this way.

A voice, to make people aware of the Being behind the animal-face.

Trying to make people see the beauty of the creature they are looking at,

as well as the needs they have.

Whether they are captured animals our living in the wild.

It's important to make people aware of the high need to change our habits

and ways of life, to preserve nature from disappearing so fast.

If we keep going on the way we are doing right now their will soon be no place left

for lots of the wildlife that we now take 'for granted'.

Lions are being hunted at by local farmers because they need more land.

Lions are being killed by trophee-hunters having the need and greed to show of their hunts.

Elephants are still trying to win the battle of their Ivory.

Tigers are still believed to have healing abilities.

Rhinos are letting their lives only for their horns.

And the list goes on.

If we, as a human species, can restore the awareness of the importance

of nature being connected with us, with all it's wildlife,

we might see very different realities in the nearby future.

Land isn't only there to be owned, it is also there to be fed and given the

right amount of care and attention to, so it can bring a balanced production.

We, as every individual can make a big difference.

If everyone of us would start with little gestures like:

checking the foodlabels of what we would like to buy

and check what is in it and where it came from

and buying only products that tribute to conservation,

big companies would be obligated to change their ways of cultivating and selling products.

I try to give a voice also to/of the animals that live in captivity.

To show the people how beautiful these animals are.

It's important to make people aware of how high the need is

to stop stealing the natural habitats of the wildlife we have left.

Because before we know it, we will only be capable of seeying them in zoo's

because their natural surroundings have disappeared.

Only by living more aware, contributing to conservation instead of consumption.

by checking daily foodproducts, if they are gained from places where

for example the orang-utans are loosing territory

because of plantations for palmoil,

and choosing not to buy these products anymore,

we can all contribute to the conservation of the wildlife that is left.

The moment is Now,

to start acting, everyone of us,

starting with our own habits and doings.

Buying products more consiously, making more consious decisions in where we go, what we visit, like

no visiting of touristic places where you can pose with half-sedated tigers etc, ...

And next to the awareness I would like to contribute to,

I also want to share part of the profits of my works

with foundations, sanctuaries and all organisations

who's goal it is to conserve wildlife.